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I can not recommend JSWeb highly enough, I contacted several companies looking for web site design and hosting and what stood out with JSWeb is their...

Brilliant work

Brilliant work

Thank you to your team for the brilliant work in helping us with the install of the SEO module for ZenCart. Fantastic communication and prompt...

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Upgrade to 1.5.4

Price : TBC

Including installation*
  • v1.5.4 is PCI PA-DSS certified.
  • Upgrade to keep your site secure
  • Upgrade to open doors to the latest cool modules
  • Upgrade to run a faster cart


This latest version of Zen-Cart not only meets PCI standards (to make the Banks happy) and gives you access to the latest modules, but it also secures you far better to prevent you being hacked and taken offline…..

So please check which version you are running and if you find it's less than 1.5.4 do take action to upgrade. This is something you can do yourself (prepare yourself for a few days work) or ask us to do this for you. To check your version simply login to your Zen Cart Admin and check the top right hand corner.

Can I upgrade myself?

If a website has been hacked/injected and you want to attempt the recovery yourself then reconcile yourself to several days of hard work.  It’s not invention – you can do it yourself, and you don’t need to hire us – but it is work, and I recommend not taking shortcuts that might leave holes in your system. How do I upgrade Zen-Cart myself? (Thanks DrByte)

How do JSWeb perform Zen Cart upgrades?

When JSWeb upgrades a Zen Cart store, we do it in as safe a way as possible, and that means we make a complete clone of both store and database and carry out the upgrade on that, allowing the live store to continue to trade whilst the work is carried out.

The files need to be compared against the originals of your current version to establish what changes were made (this has to happen regardless of who built the site) and then merge any of those changes into the new files. Quite often, 3rd party modules/add-ons will need to be re-installed with their current versions.

And what's more, when we upgrade your site there is NO downtime while this work is conducted! So no excuses, plan in the upgrade now before it's too late!

We're here to help so for a Free Quote call us now* on (UK: 0845 862 0012 / IRL: 01 52 62 71 1)
or click here to leave a message

* Phone lines open 10am-6pm GMT, Mon-Fri

Technical - What's New In v1.5.4

  • If you are interested in seeing what has changed since your current version of ZenCart was released, please visit - but it is quite technical


We're here to help so for a Free Quote call us now* on (UK: 0845 862 0012 / IRL: 01 52 62 71 1)
or click here to leave a message


* Phone lines open 10am-5pm GMT, Mon-Fri

Upgrade to 1.5.4
Price : TBC

* Where a module is not one created by JSWeb, or commissioned by JSWeb, the fee we charge is for installation and basic configuration ONLY unless stated otherwise; in-depth configuration of some modules may attract additional charges. Where a module is a commercial offering from a 3rd party, that fact, along with the cost of the module itself, will be made clear and we will also supply a link to the origin of that module in case you wish to purchase directly from the supplier. Most of the free modules are available on the Zen Cart website.

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