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Nice one!

Nice one!

"Many thanks, by far the most helpful of all the web companies we have worked with! And we have worked with numerous!!! Wayne Starkey, Managing...

JSWeb's Dynamic Attribute Pricing

JSWeb's Dynamic Attribute Pricing

Hi JSWeb Team. With the latest files which you sent to me, seems that everything is working properly. This module, save mi life. I am very...

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Facebook eCommerce for Zen Cart

Price : £199.00

Including installation*
  • Turn your Facebook Page into a Shop!
  • Displaying your product catalog on Facebook
  • Simple one-click sharing, and tweet facility
  • Drive move customers to your website with EASE!


With Facebook already having over 750 million active users, 50% of which login on any given day, it’s so important for your business to have its own Facebook Page to communicate with your existing and potentially new customers, a chance to keep them up to date with your business news, products and special offers.

Of course that now means you have a Zen Cart website store and a Facebook page to manage and update on a regular basis!

We’ll the good news is there is now a new module available that connects your Zen Cart store with your Facebook Page which will display ALL of your products on your own Facebook page. Think of it as a Facebook Shop!

You now have TWO platforms to show case your products and with minimum effort

How It Works

Facebook "eCommerce Catalog Browser" App allows you to quickly start advertising your existing shop via your Facebook page. It is designed so that after initial installation, the system will automatically keep up-to date with your product catalogue without the need to maintain a separate product list.

The App is easily configured to display special offers, featured and new products collected directly from your live shop.

What's more it will REPORT on visitor activities (Page views, Visitors, products Clicked, Shared Products etc)



Baby Shower Ireland setup their Facebook page over a year ago and over that time has been adding posts to their facebook page on a regular basis.

“We use Facebook as a free tool to broadcast useful news to our customers. When new products arrive in store, we then spend time adding them to our Zen Cart site and if we find time, add them to our Facebook page too as a ‘Looks what’s new’ feed.”


A Shopping Panel will appear on your Facebook main page

Zen Cart Facebook Shop

Your Own Facebook Shop Page Showcasing Your Products

Zen Cart Facebook Store

What's more it will REPORT on visitor activities (Page views, Visitors, products Clicked, Shared Products etc)

Zen Cart Facebook Store Reporting


""We love the fact that with our facebook shop we essential have another ‘free’ shop to sell our products from but without that hassle of managing another shop or over heads. Facebook is not going away; our customers use it every day, fact, so we knew we had to catch that market. JSWeb were able to advise us and install the necessary module to get our facebook shop up and running with little effort from our end. With Baby showers becoming so popular in Ireland we’re thrilled we now have two platforms to show case our products and sell from, it’s no brainer!"

Client BabyShower.ieBaby Shower Ireland


To see this in action take a look through the jsweb website site or view our customer sites below:

Zen Cart Facebook by JSWeb Zen Cart Facebook by JSWeb Zen Cart Facebook by JSWeb

Got any questions, any not give us a call?


This module is a SAS Pay as your Go solution, paid annually.

Facebook eCommerce for Zen Cart
Price : £199.00

* Where a module is not one created by JSWeb, or commissioned by JSWeb, the fee we charge is for installation and basic configuration ONLY unless stated otherwise; in-depth configuration of some modules may attract additional charges. Where a module is a commercial offering from a 3rd party, that fact, along with the cost of the module itself, will be made clear and we will also supply a link to the origin of that module in case you wish to purchase directly from the supplier. Most of the free modules are available on the Zen Cart website.

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