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Ceon URI Mapping - Friendly URLs

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Ceon URI Mapping module is a very handy module that no Zen Cart site should be without! Compatible with ZC1.3.8-1.5.4

- Replaces ugly Zen Cart URL with friendly URLs
- URI Auto-Generation
- Search Engines Love them!
- 100% Compatibility with Zen Cart

NOTE: This version does NOT automatically add mappings for EXISTING categories/products/manufacturers/ez-pages and is only suitable for new stores, or those with just a small number of products.


How Does This Work?

  • Friendly URLs improve usability and user experience.
  • Improve the store's Rankings in Search Engines!

Unlike other SEO modules, where the URIs are generated automatically when a customer visits a page, this module allows specific URIs to be entered within the admin, or even for auto-generation to be used to create a static URI for an individual category/product/manufacturer/EZ-Page/Zen Cart page.

We believe this to be a much better solution as the store is in control of its URIs.

It lets the store specify static, human-readable, keyword-based URIs to be used instead of the dynamic, ID-based URIs which Zen Cart uses as standard.

For example, for a product, instead of dynamic URIs like this:


A static address - easy to read, easy to type in and full of keywords - could be specified for the product:


It's simple to promote sections of the site on advertising literature. For example, the following static URI could be mapped to the specials page:


Please Note: This plugin does not automatically add mappings for existing Categories/Products/Manufacturers/EZ-Pages - if the site has existing Categories/Products/Manufacturers/EZ-Pages, they'll continue to use the standard Zen Cart dynamic URIs, until a URI has been entered or auto-generated for them by editing the respective Category/Product/Manufacturer/EZ-Page in the admin.

This plugin is therefore really only suitable for new stores, or those with just a small number of products.

Other Reasons why you should use SEO friendly URLs

  • Google bolds keywords searched for in URLs in its results. So using keyword rich URLs will encourage users to click your page – because the words they searched for will stand out in bold in the URL in the results.
  • Google takes a lot of account of the terms used to link to a page (so if you link to this page, don’t say ‘read this page’ – use ‘SEO friendly URLs’ as your link text …). If keywords are in your URL, and people use the full URL as the link text, you’ll get benefit from the keywords in the URL.
  • SEO friendly URLs will help users understand what the page is about. So if it looks relevant, they are more likely to click it.


(NB. Remember to click at least one link when you arrive to remove your zenid from the url displayed in the address bar.)

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Ceon URI Mapping - Friendly URLs
Price : 
It's Free!

* Where a module is not one created by JSWeb, or commissioned by JSWeb, the fee we charge is for installation and basic configuration ONLY unless stated otherwise; in-depth configuration of some modules may attract additional charges. Where a module is a commercial offering from a 3rd party, that fact, along with the cost of the module itself, will be made clear and we will also supply a link to the origin of that module in case you wish to purchase directly from the supplier. Most of the free modules are available on the Zen Cart website.

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