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We needed a website that would allow us to showcase and sell our products. Lots of other web agencies were charging incredible amounts for this...

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Thank you JSWeb!

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Zen Cart Cookie Module

Price : £99.00

Including installation*
  • Adhere to the EU Cookie Law
  • Avoid ICO fines of upto £500,000 for breaches in the law.
  • Get the JSWeb Team to install onto your site
  • Relax knowing you are following UK Law


On 26 May 2012 the UK's Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) imposes an EU directive designed to protect internet users' privacy.

The law says that sites must provide " clear and comprehensive " information about the use of cookies - small files which allow a site to recognise a visitor's device and what's more ask visitors for their consent.

In summary this law requires your website to ask visitors for consent to use web cookies .

The EU Cookies Law outlines potential threats to online business models and the steps that companies should be taking now to demonstrate compliance with the EU ePrivacy Directive


How Zen Cart uses Cookies

In light of this new Law, let’s first look at how the Zen Cart eCommerce solution uses cookies. We’ll then look at the steps that you SHOULD take now to ensure that your eCommerce websites are in a position to comply with this law.

The following article was posted by the Zen Cart Team to outline how Zen Cart store owners are impacted.


Zen Cart requires that the visitor’s computer accept a session cookie. This session cookie contains simply the session ID number which identifies the visitor to the store, as separate from other visitors. The session cookie contains no personal identity information, and in itself is thus anonymous as a 3rd-party cannot use anything in the cookie to identify the visitor in any way.
In a traditional configuration, and by definition, this session cookie expires at the end of the visitor’s session in the browser, or at a predefined time (typically 24 minutes) after their last “click”, whichever is sooner.


The session ID is used only to recognize what the visitor has done during their visit to the store. This includes things like: whether the visitor has put something in their shopping basket, whether they have logged in, and allows them to proceed through checkout.


Store owners who alter the original Zen Cart code by the use of addons/plugins, custom code, additional HTML in templates, adding javascript segments, etc, may be engaging in additional tracking and using additional cookies for broader purposes than Zen Cart itself requires. Each store’s configuration and activity is unique to their own implementation. Each store owner is responsible for their own use of the software and the addons/plugins/external-code and any other alteration they make to it. (JSWeb comment – if you use Google Analytics, your site generatres cookies)


This article is for general informational purposes only. It is NOT legal advice, nor should it be relied upon as such. This information is not intended to replace proper legal counsel. Zen Ventures, LLC assumes no liability or responsibility for the use of this information, nor for ways in which any shop has altered the use or function of Zen Cart official code. It is up to individual storeowners to disclose the ways in which their store operates differently from core basic Zen Cart functionality.


Becoming Cookie Compliant!

Well the first task is to ensure you understand the Law (you can read more at )

Next, for your own Zen Cart site, you have two actions to take onboard

  1. The first is to install our Zen Cart Cookie Module which will, at the top of your web page, inform customers that your site using Cookies to ensure they have a good shopping experience with you.

    Live example at

    Zen Cart Cookie Policy Module
  2. The second point is to update your Privacy / T&C Page to outline your use of cookies and that you apply to UK Cookie Law.

    To read more about Cookie Law visit our Blog at

Zen Cart Cookie Module
Price : £99.00

* Where a module is not one created by JSWeb, or commissioned by JSWeb, the fee we charge is for installation and basic configuration ONLY unless stated otherwise; in-depth configuration of some modules may attract additional charges. Where a module is a commercial offering from a 3rd party, that fact, along with the cost of the module itself, will be made clear and we will also supply a link to the origin of that module in case you wish to purchase directly from the supplier. Most of the free modules are available on the Zen Cart website.

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