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Kalle @ Christina Ribel, EU

THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am for your fantastic service. I have to tell you that your level of service is unique...

Great Support

I can describe JSWeb with 3 F's. Fast, Friendly and Fun! Not to mention their Flexibility and Professionalism! I highly recommend JSWeb website...

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Recover Cart sales

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  • See which customers are completing the registration process but not completing the checkout
  • Follow it up with a call or email
  • Reclaim up to 40% of 'Lost' sales


How does this work?


What does this module do?

It creates an admin page where you can see all of the customer accounts that have items in their cart but have not yet completed a purchase. The admin can then select each of the customer’s and send them a follow up email to find out why the customer did not complete the purchase and possibly complete the sale. It includes a nice little report so that you can review all of the abandoned shopping carts that were successfully recovered.

Why is this one of the best mods?

This module plays a number of very vital roles. Firstly, it let’s you know how many customers are completing the registration process but not completing the checkout. A high number of abandoned carts relative to your websites traffic could point to another problem than just a customer changing their mind. Which brings us to the second reason this module is so vital, it allows you to gain valuable feedback from customers who didn’t complete their order. If they respond to the recover cart email they may provide valuable information for fixing problems on your website or improving the customer experience on your website. And of course, the most obvious advantage of this module is that it can help you retain sales that you normally would have lost. I recommend including a coupon code with the email as it will increase the likelihood that the customer will return or respond with feedback.




Reclaim up to 40% of "lost" sales

The Recover Abandoned Carts module can reclaim up to 40% of "lost" sales

  • Allows you to email customers who have set up a shop account and added items to their shopping cart, but for some reason did not complete the order .
  • Alternatively - and we'd suggest a better, more personal approach - you can telephone the client to discuss what the "problem" was.
  • The tool also generates a report listing the "possible" response to your email, informing you if the customer followed up with a purchase from your shop.
  • The communication with these customers may help educate your customers about your shop and at the same time assist you in identifying trends and individual reasons behind abandoned carts.

Note: This module only shows carts abandoned after a store account has been created

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What our customers say...

via Twitter: @jsweb_zencart i can agree with JSWEB on this module...weve recovered thousands of pounds worth of failed carts...good little module (from Canvas101)

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Recover Cart sales

* Where a module is not one created by JSWeb, or commissioned by JSWeb, the fee we charge is for installation and basic configuration ONLY unless stated otherwise; in-depth configuration of some modules may attract additional charges. Where a module is a commercial offering from a 3rd party, that fact, along with the cost of the module itself, will be made clear and we will also supply a link to the origin of that module in case you wish to purchase directly from the supplier. Most of the free modules are available on the Zen Cart website.

Currently Viewing Product 22 of 27