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We are a local rotary club with world wide reach now! We have received lots of great feedback on our website and are able to receive comments from...

Thank you for your amazing support

Thank you for your amazing support

"I want to acknowledge your outstanding support you are providing us consistently with. You are the key driver why we can accelerate our...

Google Analytics

Discover More Ways Google Analytics Can Help Increase Your Website Traffic, Increase Your Conversion Rate, And Increase Your Online Profits.

Google Analytics is by far one of the most valuable tools you have to judge the effectiveness of your eCommerce Zen Cart or blog website. Key performance indicators from the number of visitors to your site, the sources of that traffic and visitor behavior are available in a multitude of ways. The question is whether or not your company is using web analytics as effectively as you could be?

  • Find out what’s really happening on your Zen-Cart site (over time periods and now in real time)
  • Understand your traffic and how your visitors locate your website
  • View their source by channel and device e.g. Social Media Facebook/Twitter using standard or mobile devices.
  • Identify which pages and links your visitors click the most.
  • Set your goals, create checkout funnels and identify drop off points
  • Measure conversions
  • Gives you the chance to fine tune your website

Now it’s amazing how many eCommerce store owners, who have Google Analytics installed, find themselves clicking through the Google Analytics system, digging for information, getting buried in data, and being unable to take away information to help improve their business.

In fact, more often than not, after a few attempts at finding data you may, like so many others, not even log in again for fear of being overwhelmed!

If only there were some SIMPLE, EASY TO VIEW reports which showed you just what you need to know and nothing else. Such data on screen (or sent to you by email) will allow you to quickly review and make quality business decisions to increase your sales! Introducing Google Analytics Customer Dashboard, the solution to your problems: If you don’t already use dashboards welcome to the world of fast and easy information about your Zen Cart web site traffic, to help you make better-informed business decisions.

“I used to spend a lot of time using social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter to promote my business yet never knew what the results were. Now I have a weekly report that tells me which posting on which social media channels have worked best to obtain traffic and even what revenue I have earned! This makes me now value my time and know when to best broadcast my online advertising efforts – Thank you JSWeb”

What is a Google Analytics Dashboard?

When you log into Google Analytics, the first thing you see is the Standard Reporting dashboard – that’s the one you’re probably already familiar with, and its packed full of all kinds of overwhelming information. Powerful, yes. But more often than not you can’t see the wood from the trees! Dashboards on the other hand allow you to obtain valuable bits and pieces of data from various reports, and collect them all into one simple and easily digestible overview.

Even better, you can have multiple dashboards per profile, which means you can create specialized dashboards for different needs to suit your business.

How we can help

We work with Zen-Cart business owners, to setup a range of highly valuable dashboards that will work for your business. For example

  • Starter Dashboard – view your Zen-Cart site visits, visitors, visit duration, visit by traffic type, visited pages, visitors location. We put all this together to allow you to.
    • Learn about the number of people who visited your site within a given time period, split by it being their first time/returning time, how long they spent of your site, which location (Town/Country) they live and from this give you a view of your audience.
    • You can then make updates to your site to better suit these visitors and know where your next advertising spends should be placed.
  • An eCommerce Sales Dashboard – allowing you to view the number of visits, source of revenue, traffic sources, percentage of orders, revenue earned, best sellers, number of orders, average value, gross revenue, net revenue! All on once single page!!

  • Mobile eCommerce Dashboard – So how many of your visitors are using a mobile device and what sales does that generate? This dashboard gives you Revenue by Mobile, Revenue by channel, Organic Mobile Keywords, Most populare devices (and Bounce rate), Mobile Vs General Site revenue, Top Mobile Products ordered etc.

  • Visis and Revenue Dashboard – A perfect dashboard which outlines Visits, Visitors, Pageviews, Visits by day, Sales, Revenue earned, Top landing pages, Top key words and revenues earned
  • Mobile Vs Non-Mobile -  Compare your site visits/conversions for Mobile Vs Non Mobile devides to work out your ROI for mCommerce modules.

  • Goal Conversions - Setting up goals in Google Analytics is the best way to measure the success rate of your website. For you Zen Cart site a completed goal would be a successful sale on your website. We help you setup your Goals and allow you to visually view your sales funnel which will help determine possible DROP OFF points for you to address!

“We were totally unaware we had problems with our checkout until we got to view our GA funnel. What's more with the new Dashboards that JSWeb have setup for us we are able to keep a close eye on our site acivity and performance. We've also spotted wasting marketing budgets in low ROI areas. In summary we're no longer loosing money but have now doubled our conversions and income -- a big thank you!”



If you want to get the most out of Google Analytics and you need someone to help take away the pain then please get in touch. We are flexible and available to work on an hourly basis, project basis, or to provide training. We will provide you with QUALITY reports that we guarentee will help your business grow.

JSWeb are here to help
If you are interest to get Google Analytics working better for you then please contact a member of the JSWeb team who will be able to help - Contact Us