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Website Services

We are a local rotary club with world wide reach now! We have received lots of great feedback on our website and are able to receive comments from...

Love Furniture

Love Furniture

We've been hosted with JSWeb for a number of years now and couldn't be more pleased with the service. On the rare occasional were we need some...


Zen Cart for agencies



Dear Web Designers, Developers, Agencies and IT Professionals,



Here at JSWEB we are often contacted by web designers, agencies and IT companies who are either finding themselves too busy to take on new projects, or need an extra helping hand to get their clients projects completed. The GREAT news is that because we just specialise in Zen Cart eCommerce, we are here to help…

Support for designers

So you can design some fantastic ecommerce layouts, banner work and logos for your client but you need a team to support the development of this design into a working online shop.

JSWeb can help you provide your clients with a Zen Cart eCommerce system and Hosting along with expert knowledge and support.
Simply download our requirements document
or give us a call.


Support for developers

You can build websites, program PHP, work with HTML - but don't have the time to learn a new eCommerce system. Working with JSWeb will allow you to quickly meet and impress your clients.

Is your existing client already using Zen Cart? Maybe they require additional design or modules installed - we can help.
Simply download our requirements document
or give us a call.



Support for Agencies

We all know that in technology things move quickly. Companies need to offer new and exciting products to keep their customers interested but also beat the competition.

Why not offer them Zen Cart ecommerce? - We are already working with a number of agencies providing them a new channel that they can offer to their clients (From DESIGN, BUILD & HOST). All you have to do is manage your client.
Simply download our requirements document
or give us a call.





As we already work with a number of Web Agencies / IT Companies, providing them with eCommerce solutions in the format of ZenCart for their customers' needs, we know how to complete our work professionally, whilst taking a back seat as you continue your ongoing relationship with your client.

Quite simply, YOU let us know what your client requires and we will ensure it is done! In the meantime, you just need to keep the relationship with your client and their billing running smoothly



  • We use BASECAMP as our Project Management System and we create a section for you where we can discuss what is needed in more detail.

  • If you need a design preparing, you simply ask our design team to work their magic to come up with a design OR you provide us with a PSD of your own chosen design for us to build.

  • All other requirements can be entered into the GroupHub To-Do section. This allows you to add tasks on demand, view how we are working through tasks and signing off completed tasks

  • We are happy to work on both our own ZenCart servers and clients' servers. If hosted on our servers, we can install ZenCart for free.


Sounds ideal for me!

By clicking "Download Now" button you will be able to download our requirements document (grab a coffee and fill in what you can) - then simply email the completed form back to us for a quote.





If we can be of any further service then please do not hesitate to contact a member of the team.