JSWeb Automated Recover Cart Sales

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JSWeb Automated Recover Cart Sales

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  • AUTOMATICALLY EMAIL customers who complete the registration process but do not complete the checkout
  • Complete control from within admin
  • Optional notification for store owner so you can take additional action by phone
  • Set Minimum Cart Value for store owner to receive notification
  • Reclaim up to 40% of 'Lost' sales
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$ 32.06

What does this module do?

It creates an admin page where you can see all of the customers who have started but not completed the checkout. They were prepared to fill in their billing/shipping details but then quit - you need to find out why! Using the regular version, the admin can select any customers and send a follow-up email to try to find out why the customer did not complete the purchase and to encourage them to return to complete the sale. However, this requires the page to be monitored and action to be taken within 30 minutes or so - something which is clearly impractical for most businesses.

Automated Recover Cart Sales will send the email at a time interval of your choice after cart abandonment! Set it up - and then forget it!

The original functionality of the Recover Cart Sales remains in place, so you can still manually send an email or telephone the customer if you wish, but you now have the added advantage of automating the emailing process, saving you time as well as money!

Recovery rates have been reported from 20% up to a whopping 69%

In addition, you as storeowner can elect to be notified when a message has been sent, giving you the chance to take further follow up action such as a phone call - and, to put the icing on the cake, you can set a minimum cart value above which you want to receive that notification! Let's face it, it probably isn't worth chasing a $1, £1 or €1 lost order - it certainly would be worth following up on an abandoned cart of $100, £100 or €100!


This enhancement requires that the free RECOVER CART SALES module is installed on your site; it is included in this download and is also available from JSWeb.uk ( https://www.jsweb.uk/plugin-store/jsweb/jsweb-automated-recover-cart-sales-30-days-trial ) or the ZenCart forum (http://www.zen-cart.com/downloads.php?do=file&id=25) as a standalone plugin.

We are NOT charging for the basic Recover Cart Sales Module. The fees we charge here are for the new code created by JSWeb to enhance the original module and for our installation service - at present, this module is not available for a download for self-installation. Once we receive your order, we will contact you for your site access details so we can complete the installation..

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