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JSWeb provide hassle-free domain registration. You can order via our website and there's literally hundereds of domain extensions!
Here's a selection of our most popular extensions:

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$34.68/ Yr
$34.68/ Yr
$34.68/ Yr
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$55.90/ Yr
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$60.89/ Yr
$78.09/ Yr
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Domain Registration

The well established .com extention will always remain popular, as will national extensions such as .uk (United Kingdom), .de (Germany), .ca (Canada) and .us (United States) but there are hundereds of new extentionsyou should consider. There are city extensions like .amsterdam, .london, .nyc, .syndey and .vegas. There are also a veriety of professional extensions like .lawyer and doctor as well as service extensions like .shop, .florist. and .restraunt - theres an extension for everyone.

JSWeb are an accredited Channel Partner with Nominet, the registry for .uk domain names. Anyone can register a .uk domain name and most registrations are processed instantly. Nominet now verify the ownership details for every single domain rgistration so please make sure to provide the correct details (for exemple, if the business is a limited company provide the company number during the registration process).

JSWeb are also accredited with the .ie registry, the extension for the Ireland of Ireland. To register a .ie domain, your business must be registered in Ireland or show proof os sufficent trade from/to Ireland. Our egistrations team can advise on the requirements and most applications are accepted in 1 working day.

Please ensure you respond to all communications with the team as they help to secure and register your new domain name.

Other Domain Transfers

Transfer your domain or domains to JSWeb so you can everything in one place. Placeing a domain transfer order is straight forward and if there's any issues our team is always here to assist you.

To Transfer any of the .uk extensions, first place and order with us, then you must ask your current provider to change the IPS tag to JSWEB. Once the current provider has completed the IPS tag update, we will email you to confirm the transfer has been completed.

To Transfer any other domain extension to JSWeb, follow these steps:

  • Ask your current provider to unlock your current domain name or domain names, and provide an EPP transfer code for each domain name.
  • Place a domain transfer order via our website and enter the EPP transfer code when requested.
  • Our team will process your order and you'll receve a transfer approval email for each domain name from the respective registry.
  • Click the appropriate link int he transfer approval email and your domain transfer will complete within 7 days ax (typically 2-3 days).

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