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We are a local rotary club with world wide reach now! We have received lots of great feedback on our website and are able to receive comments from...

Thank you JSWeb 25 Aug 09

Dear JSWeb Team (Rick & Jamie) We all complain when things are going bad, but we never give enough praise when it is needed, since I joined JSWEB...

Our Zen Cart install

ZenCart is a tremendous package straight "out of the box", but it cannot possibly meet everyone's individual needs. Over the years, different users have come up with modifications which enhance the basic software, and we have gathered together a collection of what we believe to be essential plug-ins which just about every user will find helpful.

The JSWeb Zen Cart installation* has the following essential plug-ins incorporated

* Excludes the "Out of the box" ZenCart

  • Image Handler - take the hassle out of re-sizing images. Zen Cart uses 3 different sizes of image for your product display - Image Handler allows you to upload a single large product image and the rest are created for you! Also allows easy management of multiple images for each product

  • Cross-Sell Advanced - this module will allow you to add up to 6 optional products on your current products pages - e.g. you sell Clothes...."may we also recommend T-Shirts, Jumpers, Skirts, Trousers etc."

  • Easy Populate - allows mass population/updating of product details in database

  • Advancd HTML editor - an secure HTML Editor for Zen Cart (making your store management easier!)

  • Automatic Copyright Updater - keep your © up to date

  • Quick Layout Box Controller - quickly update your store's sidebox layout order

  • Customers from Admin - add new customers via Admin with the option to email the customer to welcome them to your store. Very useful for new clients who telephone to place their first order

  • Admin Keep Alive - alerts you when aproaching the new security time-out limit allowing you to save your admin work and remain logged in.

Other plug-ins are available from the Zen Cart site, but we have listed some of the most useful/more popular ones here, along with our fee for installation. If you find a plug-in on the ZenCart site that we have not included, but which you would like installing, please contact us for a quote.

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