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Excellent ZenCart Hosting

Excellent ZenCart Hosting

Need an e-commerce host? Look no further. Combine excellent, non stop service with an in depth knowledge of ZenCart and you have found the perfect...

Nice one!

Nice one!

"Many thanks, by far the most helpful of all the web companies we have worked with! And we have worked with numerous!!! Wayne Starkey, Managing...

Security Validation Seals

Trust Guard Seals

A service which helps keep you safe from identity theft, credit card fraud, spyware, spam, viruses and online scams. Trust Guard Security allows you to display a Trust Guard SECURE logo on your website which is AUTOMATICALLY updated on a daily basis!

This will not only bring instant reassurance to your site visitors that you are totally behind SECURITY, but YOU will also know that your website has passed a set of daily security scans that helps address your security concerns such as hackers stealing your confidential information.

Here is an example of our Trust Guard Secure logo which is updated automatically each day, Security Verified showing that the JSWeb website has been tested and certified daily to pass the “Trust Guard” Security Scan. This helps us address concerns about possible hacker access to our confidential data, and for the safety of our visitors.

The "live" Trust Guard Seal appears only when this site passes the daily Trust Guard Security tests.

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