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Job done!

Job done!

"If your looking for a company you can trust, talk to JSWEB. If you want someone to support your growth as a business, talk to JSWEB. If you want...

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Excellent ZenCart Hosting

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PCI Standards

PCI (Payment Card Industry) Compliance Explained.

What is it?

PCI is the standard that all businesses who process payment card transactions (Visa, Mastercard etc) must adhere to – IT IS MANDATORY.

What to learn more, watch this video.

What do I have to Do?

If you process less than 20,000 card transactions a year then you will have to:

  • 1. Complete a self-assessment questionnaire and
  • 2. Have an annual network scan – (some providers insist on quarterly scans)

Where do I find the questionnaire?

On the PCI-DSS website at or look at your Merchant Account providers website,  but be warned, it can be difficult to both find and understand (we've been through this process ourselves!)

Can JSWEb Help me get PCI certified?

To help your business get through PCI, JSWEB has teamed up with Trust Guard PCI Compliance Services who will provide an easy-to-use system expressly designed for smaller merchants that need to be PCI certified.

It includes state-of-the art website scanning, complete remediation and technical support, an online self-assessment questionnaire, and a PCI Wizard to help manage compliance activities.

What do I get for my money?

  • Automated state-of-the-art scanning
  • Online self-assessment questionnaire
  • Trust Guard Technical Assist (extensive technical support
  • PCI Wizard to help manage compliance activities
  • Reporting options to deliver compliance reports directly to your merchant bank

You are then able to inform your bank that YOU ARE PCI COMPLIANT which will give them reassurance of your business!

Don't risk your business, please act today.
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How else can JSweb help?

Once you have undertaken your first scan then you will be able to see any errors or vulnerabilities that it has detected. We have found that many of these are due to simple changes that you have made to your Zencart. Send us your scan results via (Submit New Ticket > PCI Compliance) and we will give you a free quotation for the work that needs to be undertaken to rectify the problem.

Is Zencart PCI compliant?

Version 1.5.1 is compliant and we have had it tested by Trust Guard to ensure this, however earlier versions may not be and any changes you make could inadvertently render non compliance. Again if you need support, please contact the JSWeb team via