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Support Thank you

I would just like to say thanks to you and Rick......I am really happy with all the help you give me and how quickly you respond to any queries or...

Keep up the EXCELLENT work

In my experience, it is quite easy to get caught up with all the offers made available for hosting on the internet, particularly in other parts of...

Website Backup


Backupyour website

Back Up PcMaintaining backups of your important data is your responsibility, but this critical task of keeping your business website backed up can be time consuming and easily overlooked 

JSWeb makes business-strength backup possible for everyone. Quite simply, rather than providing you with a process that you need to follow and manage yourself, you just sign up for our DAILY BACKUP SERVICE and we'll ensure your website (on a JSWeb account) is backed up AUTOMATICALLY DAILY.

We SAFEGUARD your website while you get on with running your business!

Just think how much time and effort this will save on a daily, monthly basis!!

JSWeb Backup Services

  • Protection & security -- JSWeb Backup helps ensure that your website business data is safe and protected.
  • Seamless continuity & simplicity -- JSWeb Backup manages your back ups and runs automatically in the background allowing you to manage your business
  • Scalability -- JSWeb Backup grows with you as your business website grows. As standard we allow up to 5GB of data backup for your account which will be always held securely.
  • Reliability & Convenience -- Your data is readily available whenever you may need it. If you need data restored then just let us know - as easy as that
  • Backup Periods -- Run daily with a monthly retention. If you need a re-install or data extract just raise a new ticket and we'll do the rest for you.
  • And most importantly, all this from just £5pcm.

Is your Business worth this? Yes, then lets go..

  1. Simply go to JSWeb support at

  2. Click on 'Open new ticket' (if you you are not logged in to your hosting account, the link will show as Contact Us)

  3. Provide your account details and confirmation.

  4. ....and we'll do the rest for you..

Yes Please

Do you not backup my website anyway?

Like the vast majority of hosting companies, we back up for OUR purposes only and is intended for a complete server re-build. if something occurs on your site which is NOT as a result of action by ourselves and for which you need to restore from a backup, extracting the data specific to your site takes several hours and would cost you in excess of £150.

By purchasing this service, you are in effect taking out an insurance policy.

Can I backup my website myself?

Yes. You login to your cPanel account and you can manage your backups from there, but they cannot be automated and must be done manually.

You need to download backups to your own computer as they are only held on the server for 7 days.