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You guys are bloody brilliant (excuse the French!)

You guys are bloody brilliant (excuse the French!)

"You are all bleedin' brilliant. The Installation of the Zen Cart Ajax Search Module is EXACTLY what our customers wanted! It's VERY easy to use...

Website Design

We are a small high street business and never realised the benefit of having a website to help attract new customers. JSWeb provided fantastic...


News: SpamTitan ranked industry No.1 at blocking spam in Virus Bulletin’s January 2010 test

SpamTitan Technologies, the makers of powerful yet easy-to-manage spam and web filtering software, today announced that it has again outperformed the leading industry brands in the latest Virus Bulletin Spam awards.


JSWeb is now offering a new email service that combats menace of spam and virus emails. Our new Spam Titan system provides the most comprehensive solution to BLOCK email threats on the market today, protecting you from emails that contain viruses, spam, malware, phishing and unwanted content.

The JSWeb Spam Titan system uses best of breed technologies to firstly review emails on their arrival through the system (BLOCKING those deemed as being nasty) which then ensures only friendly emails are delivered to your inbox.

Just think how many spam emails you receive per day, week and month and how much time could be saved by these being removed for you!

  • Effective Spam Filter - 98,5% spam/virus of emails are instantly blocked
  • Remote scanning ensures your email is scanned for spam/viruses before downloading to your PC, iPhone or office mail server
  • Reduce costs by freeing up time, disk space and internet connection charges and bandwidth
  • Increase employee productivity by reducing the time spent managing spam
  • End User Spam Quarantine and digest - Providing you with access view/manage your spam if needed.
  • Email content controls
  • Full automated reporting suite
  • Per Domain Administrators.


The Spam Titan system also provides an online console that you can log into to not only monitor how well the system is working (you will be amazed!) but also provides a quarantine section allowing you to unblock emails which you deem as being okay to receive in the future.

Why is email Spam so bad?

The explosive growth of the use of E-Mail both in business and home has provided the benefits of cheap and instantaneous messaging around the world. Unfortunately, as a result of the high penetration of emails the levels of unwanted spam/virus emails has now become one of the most frequently abused technologies and users regularly find themselves bombarded with spam and viruses up to hundreds or even thousands of times every day.

According to a recent survey, around 80% of emails on the Internet, up to 6.5 billion emails a day, are spam. The unwanted emails are created not only by professional spammers, but also by automatic "botnets" - where the personal computers of unsuspecting internet users are secretly infected with a virus or rogue software to form a robotic network that generates enormous quantities of unwanted spam. These compromised computers can be used in turn to attack other PCs and websites.

Live Demo to watch

This is a live demo of the SPAM TITAN control panel which is monitoring ALL emails and picking out the SPAM/VIRUSES and QUARENTINING those which are suspect! - This is all happening in REAL TIME!


Sounds just what I need, so how much does this service costs

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