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Excellent ZenCart Hosting

Excellent ZenCart Hosting

Need an e-commerce host? Look no further. Combine excellent, non stop service with an in depth knowledge of ZenCart and you have found the perfect...


I was in a rut after being disappointed time and time again by hosts, they were either unreliable, too expensive or the customer support people was...

Dedicated Servers

JSWeb's Managed Dedicated Web Servers

As your company grows JSWeb is here to support you....

Like many of our customers, you probably started out on a shared hosting environment, using physical servers and bandwidth with all other customers sharing the same environment. This is a great low cost way to get your business up and running.

However, now that you have started to achieve substantial sales success and are attracting large volumes of traffic to your site you might want to consider the benefits of moving to a JSWeb Managed Dedicated Webserver (MDW). This would give you added security, flexibility and storage space, as well as higher limits on bandwidth usage.

With JSWeb Dedicated VM Cloud Servers you get fantastic HIGH QUALITY performance system to meet the needs of eCommerce 24/7.

Included with every JSWeb Dedicated VM Server:

Free MIGRATION of your site onto your new dedicated VM
24/7/365 Server Monitoring
24/7/365 Technical Support (direct to our core server team)
State of the art and extremely reliable cloud server infrastructure
Enterprise-level SSD disk storage (super fast)
Located in the latest, state of the art UK+Ireland datacentres
Your own dedicated server environment with unrestricted root access
Linux CentOS and cPanel control panel (packed full of great features)
TWICE daily backup of your website and database

What our customers have to say

"The heart of our online business is our dedicated server, we would crumble without it. It provides us with fantastic uptime all year round and customers can browse through our site so quickly, it makes the time spent on our site so much more enjoyable. Serious about eCommerce? Be serious about dedicated">
said Andy - Linenstore UK

"Why didn't we move sooner! Being on dedicated is fantastic, we are as fast as the John Lewis site now! Our customers find it a breeze to go through our site and place an order. Thank you JSWeb!"
said Lisa & Robert - Horse Health - Visit the Site


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“Is that like having my own server?”

Shared hosting environments by their nature tend to be less reliable because you have no control over the actions of those sharing the web server with you. As a result, many companies will try to sell you a 'dedicated server' which is free-standing from other clients.

'JSWeb MDWs' are different from the dedicated servers that you will see advertised on the net. We continue to provide maintenance and technical support leaving you to manage your business – after all if you wanted to spend your days patching servers and configuring firewalls you would have come to work for us rather than setting up your own e-commerce business.

“But I want my own server!”

Most dedicated server solutions do not include technical support and maintenance. Our solution provides you with all of the upsides of your own 'box' (we'll even send you a picture if you like!) by providing your site with its own hardware as well as allowing you to benefit from the wider JSWeb infrastructure.

“But I want to be in charge...”

In order for your internet presence to function correctly you need a complex network of DNS nameservers, mail servers, database servers and control panel servers which can, in theory, run off one machine (like the ones our competitors will try to sell you) – but this is then a single point of weakness which will require significant effort to keep up-to-date and security patched.

We would urge you to consider our MDWs as a solution that gives you peace of mind and places you in the driving seat while still protecting you and your customers.

Feel free to contact a member of the JSWeb Zen-Cart specialist team who will be able to provide support or a FREE quotation for required work to get your site hosted perfectly - Contact Us