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You are a lifesaver

Thanks. You are a lifesaver. I appreciate all your help. Your service is the best and I would never go to any other service. Many thanks, Lauro Guzman

Thank you JSWeb!

Thank you JSWeb!

"Rick and Jamie – Many many thanks for all the 24:7 work you have put into this project. We would not have had a program without you, and it has...

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Everything is under control


Are you looking for a website to advertise your business services and attract more customers? Having a website is so important and should be designed to make you look good online - giving your business a competitive edge!.

Our website solution is easy to use allowing you to update its content (no HTML experience needed) as and when you need to - eg. quickly update your website with your latest services, news, events or special offers to keep your customers up to date.



Easy to use control panel 

Create your own pages

Change your images

News & Blog System

Bespoke Design

Our CMS can allow a non-technical user to:

  • Be in complete control of a website's content
  • Administer a site from any computer connected to the Internet
  • Manage a website without having to install additional software
  • Add/update images directly from PC to website
  • Manage the website without knowledge of FTP
  • Manage the website without any knowledge of HTML
  • Keep the site fresh and up-to-date


CMS Examples

Experian Gazette


Autisum Independent UK


CMS Testimonials



I've tried almost every Content Management System out there! From Joomla to Plone and Xoops to PHP-Nuke. My business needed simplicity and useability which they could not provide. Most made simple tasks like editing the homepage or applying different templates for each page a monumental task. This CMS was able to offer simplicity for my team, but robustness in the backend for any customizations they wanted.

This CMS makes it easy to set up a site and then hand it over to non-techies to maintain. Unlike other CMS packages, it isn't over-complex, and it isn't just for blogs. The drop-down site navigation menus are the icing on the cake: just so easy to use.

Today this CMS made me special! I got praises all over my team and my boss for creating our internal site. I don't even know well about web site creation/development, and yet I came up with a tool where my entire group can participate maintaining our site. I made them happy and satisfied!!!! To the staff and to all the contributors of this super easy to follow CMS, I thank you all once again. You've really made my life easier at work. Woho!

Here are just some of the ways people use our software:

  • Corporate websites or portals
  • Small business websites
  • Non-profit and organizational websites
  • Government applications
  • Corporate intranets and extranets
  • School and church websites
  • Personal or family homepages
  • Community-based portals
  • Magazines and newspapers

The possibilities are limitless…

Sounds ideal for me!

By clicking the "Download" button you will be able to download our requirements document (grab a coffee and fill in what you can) - then simply email the completed form back to us for a quote.

  • Download: The requirements form is in .rtf file format which is compatible with MSWord, Open Office for PCs and Mac computers.


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