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The Facts Behind Abandoned Carts

Over the years we have published multiple articles on the topic of abandon shopping carts which outline multiple reasons why they happen. For our Zen Cart customers we have also given recommendations to key Zen-Cart modules that will help reduce such drop off rates which have included: Fast’n’Easy Check module which reduces the process steps […]


Site Review: Asos

For each client who asks us to design them a great looking Zen Cart website (one that not only enhances upon the standard Zen Cart template that’s available to all, but instead brings them in line with the latest design trends and makes them stand out from their competition), we always ask them for a […]


Pringles Own Fans Gear Up the Brand, Thanks to Video Marketing.

Pringles – Speakers Campaign The JSWeb team are proud to help LAUNCH a Global Online Speakers Campaign for PRINGLES (Kellogg) – Yes those delicious crisps that once you POP your can’t stop eating! The Campaign for 2012 allows Pringles to gear up customers for ‘festival fun’ with an on-pack offer to claim limited edition Pringles […]


Zen Cart Tip: Remove the print URL feature from your browser

A regular task conducted by Zen Cart admin users is printing and sending their invoices.  Often the quickest way is to open the order and using the web browser clicking on File > Print.  However, one downside is that more often than not the website URL also appears on the print out. We’re often being […]


Google Shows Google – How to Master SEO in 10 Minutes [VIDEO]

Google have just released a video, aimed at new startup / small businesses and provides tips and suggestions about how to master search engine optimization in just 10 minutes. Grab a coffee and click play – You shouldn’t miss this! The video features advice catered to small businesses with main web content looking to rank […]


Facebook Pages For Your Business

It surprises me how many clients who run eCommerce websites I speak with each week who tell me, while they know they should be on Facebook, they just haven’t found the time to get started or don’t know where to begin. This must mean that their business is SO busy they can’t cope or think […]


Zen Cart – Adding Your Key Words

One frequently asked questions we receive from by our Zen Cart clients is “How do I manage my Zen Cart Key Word Meta Tags“. » What are Meta Tags? A meta tag is a line of HTML code that contains metadata information about a web page. Meta tag information doesn’t change how the page looks […]


eCommerce Visual Searching

The killer feature of the web for the past decade has undoubtedly been the ability to search One giant that does this very well is of course Google with many people now just using the phrase “Google it” rather than using the word “search”. So what’s new with Google that may help you increase your […]


The Rise of Mobile Email and mCommerce Importance

This article is of real importance to any online store owner, and our thanks goes to David Greiner (one of the brains behind campaigns at campaign monitor) for bringing to our attention ‘The RISE of Mobile email Marketing’ … which is not just about EMAIL! His research has brought to light the importance of ensuring […]


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