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Security Advice – OpenSSL Heartbleed Bug

OpenSSL Heartbleed Bug – Informational purposes only. No action is required. We wish to advise that we are aware of the security vulnerability and every web server that we manage has been patched. Hence, your website is NOT at risk. We’ve been contacted by several customers asking about the recently discovered vulnerability in “OpenSSL 1.0.1f”. The […]


How much of your site traffic comes from Mobile users?

Check out these stats, that back up the importance of your Zen Cart being mCommerce ready! 21% of website traffic to leading ecommerce websites now come from tablets and smartphones 28% of Americans access the internet more often on smartphones than their desktops 67% of shoppers who are more likely to buy from a mobile-friendly […]


Site Owners, WAKE UP, and smell the Panda!!

I often talk with site owners about how their eCommerce websites are performing only to hear the same response – “Not very well”, “Struggling”, “We’ve been dropped from Google” but what customers can’t tell is why and when I then ask the questions “have you heard of Google Panda”  I am normally met with a […]


6 Myths About Social Media Marketing

I came across this great Social Media Myths post on which I really needed to share (a number of them certainly rang home to me after speaking with  clients who weren’t too sure whether or not social media was right for them) Myth No. 1: If it doesn’t go viral, it wasn’t worth the […]


So what do shoppers actually want from a mobile experience?

Derek Eccleston (Commercial Director at eDigitalResearch plc) shared a really good post today on econsultancy which gave real reassurance, backing up my thoughts about mCommerce and what users actually want. Every six months the guys at eDigitalResearch ask a group of shoppers to assess a selection of the top rated retail apps and mobile sites […]


How H&M uses Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+

Just saw this post flow through my Twitter feed and have to share it! H&M is rated as one of the world’s top 25 brands, so it’s a great candidate for one of our posts looking at how brands use the four main social networks. It follows on from similar blogs looking at the social […]

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