New Just Simple Web Studio!

jsweb logo in lights

Just Simple Web now have an amazing design studio located in the Jewellery quarter of Birmingham.


So we finally did it! After months of hard work and preparation, the new Just Simple Web studio has been opened in the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter. Kicking it off with a great little launch party, the whole team gathered at the new office to meet and great local businesses. After being a work from home workforce since 2006, we’ve stepped into a new era of creativity and more personalized services.


jsweb brochure

New Just Simple Web Brochure for both new and existing customers


Both new and existing customers may have seen some changes to the style and functions to our website recently, along with the new tagline “Just Simple Web”, which all ties in with our new office launch. Digital design has changed a lot over the past few years and as a result, JSWeb must change too. With our new base of operations, we plan to get a more personal connection with our customers, getting to understand their needs and helping them through every stage of their project from design through to launch.


jsweb coffe and meeting area

The creative coffee area for clients to meet with the JSWeb team and brainstorm ideas


Conversation is at the core of any creative company, the best and most successful projects come when a client and a designer can come together to share their ideas. With the addition of the new coffee area, clients are now able to sit one on one with our designers to brainstorm the best possible solutions for their business.


jsweb office launch party

Peter cutting the cake at the office launch party last Friday… Yum Yum!


Moving to the new office in Branston Court has been great! We’re so happy to meet all of our lovely new neighbours and for those who were not able to make it to our launch party, we welcome you all to pop in for a cup of tea or cold beer anytime. We love engaging with local business and are happy to talk through graphics, web and e-commerce design with anyone whether your business is big or small.

Just Simple Web Launch Party

It’s great to have the old band back together again


It’s not often the whole team gets a chance to meet up and pool their creative juices. With the launch of the new office, we had the perfect opportunity to bring the team together once again. Thanks again to Rick for traversing the terribly irritating British rail system to be here for the party and an extra special thank you to Peter, who flew halfway across the planet to make the opening of our fantastic design studio possible.