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Opayo For Zencart Upgrade March 2022

Update your Opayo Plugin before the 14th March to prevent interruptions to your Opayo payment service.  Approx 2 Minute Read If you are using our JSWeb Opayo (formerly known as Sagepay) Integration Module with your Zencart website, this article is of great importance to you and your e-commerce website. You will probably have been receiving […]


IMPORTANT for Paypal Standard Users

If you use Paypal Standard to allow your ZenCart customers to make payments then this is vitally important to you. F‍rom 1‍8 January 2‍017, PayPal Standard will no longer accept transactions with a purchase amount which includes a “comma” symbol. (ie: a comma such as a “thousands separator” in an amount such as $1,234.56) What […]


Times a’ changin’

Here at JSWeb we’re constantly trying to improve your online store with great new modules and updates to existing ones. Our developers have worked on some incredible new releases that we’re sharing with you today. The great news is that we have worked with other merchants to bring you some of the best work to […]


Zen Cart Tip: Remove the print URL feature from your browser

A regular task conducted by Zen Cart admin users is printing and sending their invoices.  Often the quickest way is to open the order and using the web browser clicking on File > Print.  However, one downside is that more often than not the website URL also appears on the print out. We’re often being […]


Zen Cart – Adding Your Key Words

One frequently asked questions we receive from by our Zen Cart clients is “How do I manage my Zen Cart Key Word Meta Tags“. » What are Meta Tags? A meta tag is a line of HTML code that contains metadata information about a web page. Meta tag information doesn’t change how the page looks […]


Study reveals importance of m-commerce

A report, published by RichRelevance, has indicated that UK consumers are increasingly reliant on their mobile devices in order to carry out safe shopping online, with 2011 being a bumper year for portable e-commerce platforms.


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