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Improving Your Business’ Branding

Why Is Branding Important?   In short, your brand is how your customers perceive you. With the popularisation of the internet, having a strong visual identity is no longer optional, it’s key!   If you stop to think about the effectiveness of major corporations like Apple and Google, you’ll notice that they have a consistent […]


The New .UK Domain is LIVE! *excitement*

The new .UK Domains launched on Tuesday 10th June and we are very excited about the amount of orders we’ve been getting! Nominet, the registrars have reported over 50,000 orders within 24 hours of launch Within 24 hours of opening for registration, new, short .uk web domains have topped the sales charts. More than 50,000 […]


Social Media – Free Cheat Sheet

Social Media is changing the world Nowadays whenever I see a billboard advert, pick up a leaflet or watch TV (let alone visit websites) I see some kind of Social Media reference being used to help increase brand awareness, whether it be “Find us on Facebook“, “Follow us on Twitter” or read via our “Scan […]


JSWEB Tutorial: AddThis Zen Cart Preview

Allow your customers to quickly publish your products directly from your product page to the biggest social media sites on the internet. – Easy to use – Encourages customers to interact with your site – Product linkage increases – NO Facebook or Twitter account needed! For more information watch our demo video……..


Can a Blog help my eCommerce site?

Following on from our last post “Why Bother with SEO“, which got a number of you talking with our SEO Guru to increase your traffic, this edition covers a very populare SEO tool – the BLOG, and how is can be used to help your eCommerce business increase its traffic and sales? » What is […]


Enhance your Facebook with a Shop!

Did you know you can now showcase your Zen Cart stores products live on Facebook in a fully customised Facebook Shop? We don’t want you to miss out on the fantastic opportunity to open an online shop on your Facebook page and are here to help!  This is a huge step forward for online business […]


So what makes people buy from your Zen Cart Store?

I recently came across this independent report and thought I would share it with you. It states the top 10 influential factors for shopping online. I promise its worth a read so why not print it out and take a look over the weekend. How does your site rate against them? I’ve picked out some […]


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