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Google Sets July Deadline For Insecure Sites

Google has finally set a deadline for website owners to get all of their site’s pages secured with SSL. With the upcoming release of Chrome 68, Google will begin displaying clear warnings to users when web pages are not secured by SSL.  The label will clearly be displayed as”Not Secure”, and we will also see […]

Fully https

Google cracking down on websites without full HTTPS

2017 is undoubtedly the year of SSL and full HTTPS for all websites. Before the year is out, all businesses should aim to have their websites full HTTPS (the -S at the end stands for Secure!)   Why should I care about HTTPS   HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) has been in use by the World-Wide […]


eCommerce Visual Searching

The killer feature of the web for the past decade has undoubtedly been the ability to search One giant that does this very well is of course Google with many people now just using the phrase “Google it” rather than using the word “search”. So what’s new with Google that may help you increase your […]


Google Panda Infographic (1 year on)

For those of you interested in Google and trying to keep up with it’s ongoing changes the following Google Panda info-graphic is certainly worth a detailed view One year ago, Google launched its “Panda Update” which was designed to filter low quality / thin content driven websites from its top search results. In layman’s terms […]


Google Merchant Changes Have Now Taken Place

From 22 September 2011, Google feeds that do not comply with the new requirements may be suspended. Unless you have upgraded in the past couple of weeks, your existing Zen Cart Merchant module will no longer be operating to these new standards and an upgrade to a more enhanced module will be required if you […]


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